Check your credit score before applying for a loan

I am sure you must have heard one of the great old sayings “Health is Wealth”.

Well, it is undoubtedly true but let me ask you something very serious.

If you were to buy something and you disclosed the seller your medical test reports suggesting you are a healthy person, would he just give you whatever you want?

Or let us get into a bigger picture, what if you wanted to live a life of your dreams and give yourself and your family everything they deserved but did not have money initially to start a new business?

Would anyone lend you a single penny looking at your medical health?

No prizes for guessing that the answer is no.

(Here is a “secret” – The medical reports that I talked about also do not come free of cost)

credit score

In today’s world, being healthy financially is no less than being healthy physically.

Of course, physical health matters but just physical health won’t buy you anything but being financially healthy will surely help you get better physically keeping in mind how to advance medical science is.

But how do I know about my financial health?

Well, your credit report and credit score are 2 of the most vital aspects of your financial health.

It works as the first impression for the lender and if you wanted to take a loan from any financing body, they will not even take interest in you if your credit score is low NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!

So what exactly is Credit Score and Credit Report?

Well in very easy and non-technical terms, Credit Score is your financial trust factor that tells the financers how much a person can be trusted for the repayment of his loan.

However, a credit report is a detailed report which tells you about your debts, debt payments and delay in depositing past payments. Looking at your credit report 3 credit bureaus EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX, and TransUnion generate a score which is known as credit score.

Some companies who claim to provide credit score for free, do not tell you your actual credit score issued by 3 bureaus however they will generate a credit report based on your past payments and debts and generate their credit score which is not taken into account by lenders in the USA.

Keep in mind in the United States maximum financial organizations only consider credit score valid if they are provided by EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX, and TransUnion

Your credit score is based on five factors including:

  • Payment history (35%)
  • The amount owed (30%)
  • Length of credit history (15%)
  • New credit requested (10%)
  • Types of credit in use (10%


It helps you learn how credible you are in the eyes of banks and the government.

It is what every responsible taxpayer should do! Period!

All financial advisors make sure their clients check their scores on a regular basis. because a little negative change in your score might reject your loan applications.

If you would ask me, I check my score every month. It is a very healthy practice as taking good care of your credit score will always make sure your creditworthiness is high.

How do I check my Credit Score?

Credit Score can be checked via several sources, online websites being on top of everything.

However, almost every legit site will charge you some money to check your score.

We researched a lot through the internet and after a lot of effort we got a very cheap and trustworthy government-approved source that will give your credit score in just $1!

Its name is Identity IQ.

At Identity IQ, you won’t just get to know your credit score but also the following:

·  Daily 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring

·  Dark web and Identity Monitoring

·  $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance*

·  $25K ID Theft Insurance for kids*

·  Roadside Assistance

It is Steal Deal and you can’t get better!

It protects your ID from theft! Gives your Roadside Assistance! It makes sure nobody spills any sensitive about you on Dark Web!

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